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Cosmetics enhance the natural beauty of the user if carefully chosen and properly applied with the right beauty items and tools. To achieve a smooth subtle and well blended makeover, one may require some basic learning skills, beauty tricks and tips.

Lets’ begin with foundation:

It is always easy to locate a foundation on a shelf. They are found in bottles, tubes or pots. They come in liquids, and creams and cream –to-powder forms.

(a) I use my fingers when applying foundation and concealer; however a sponge is very useful for blending and also wiping away any extra product.

(b) I prefer little or no foundation for everyday use. Too much foundation can give the face an artificial, heavy look.

(c) Cream foundation can create the look of having a milky complexion.

(d) If your foundation formula is too oily, try adding a few, drops of astringent. This will make the foundation a bit sheerer, but does cut down on the oiliness.

(e) A little foundation on the eyelid, blended well and followed by loose powder a creates smooth surface for powder shadow to glide on, making the application last longer and blending easier.

(f) If and when you use foundation all over your face, be sure to blend into your jaw line and slightly onto the neck.

Otherwise you will have a distinct line between the two, and it will make you look like you have a mask on.

(g) Sometimes in a photograph of yourself you’ll notice that your face is white and your chest is Tan. That’s because the flash reflects light off the face (with foundation and powder) and the raw skin of the chest or neck absorbs the light. Next time you think you are going to be photographed, be sure to apply a bit of the powder to your neck and chest, or wear little or no foundation.

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