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My dear youth, it is just so appropriate to appreciate our parents in the maiden edition of this newspaper. Indeed in our youth, our parents teach us to revere, worship and glorify God. As we grow up in our various homes, we come to cherish our parents. We grow to see them as our source of strength and Being.  They nurse and mould us to become responsible adults.  You see, society expects so much from parents in order to have a safe society. So then, society expects our parents to be responsible in feeding us, clothing us, protecting us, educating us and indeed making us also responsible citizens.

My dear youth, we are always a source of joy to our parents as long as we appreciate them particularly in the little things we do for them. On the birthday of one of my boys, his father sent him a birthday wish. The boy sent his father this reply:

Dad, I always ask myself
Who will I have been without
you for these 30 years? I appreciate
every bit of the 30 years with you and
I salute you, sir. I ask for God’s blessings
for you to live long.

My dear youth, some tears dropped from the father’s eyes for such a great show of appreciation from his son. You see, the son longs that the father will always be alive and be a blessing to him. To appreciate means to show love. We show love particularly to those who have been a blessing to us at one time or other. So we love to always want to see our parents to be there for us. Mummy is always there for us in our tears and in our joys. Daddy readily pays the bills with a smile. We show appreciation first and foremost by being there as long as they need our services and as long as we do not inflict pain on them. Again, our parents feel blessed when we give them smiles. Your very good marks at your exams make them happy. A pleasant remark from your teacher, your priest or pastor, an elder in the church about you excites your parents. They keep these remarks in their hearts.

My dear youth, you remember how we miss our parents when we leave for school particularly when we move to the boarding houses. You can also think of how we miss our parents when they travel – no matter how short the journey! As we grow, we get the more attached to our parents. They become our guides, our confidante and our everything. We cherish them and always want to be by their sides.

My dear youth, one of those unfortunate things that may happen to us has to do with the death of our parents when we are young. Some of us have lived with this unfortunate situation too early in our lives. Some of us have to live with foster parents or guardians and continue to dream of our parents. We may have the best of foster parents but our parents still will live in our minds and hearts.

So then, what shall we do? We can do our parents a lot of honour when we make them smile. We can celebrate them with our good deeds. Even when we go wayward, they will always give us the opportunity to come back on track. It should always be our prayer to have our parents with us. They will smile at us every moment as they see us grow. Their smiles give us blessings. Their memories then will linger in our minds whether they are alive or dead. You will grow to realize that even in your ripe age; you will yearn to have your parents around. They never die!

Mr. Francis Ahiafor

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