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It is disheartening to know that though Ghanaians know that the development of every country depends partly on her infrastructural development, the culture of maintenance is rather not given its prominent place.

The evidence points to the fact that without significant improvement in the Ghanaian maintenance culture, mere addition of more public and private infrastructure can only result in their eventual deterioration and destruction.
WIRNEWS believes that Ghanaians have rather honoured a new axiom of “build and neglect” instead of the age honoured axiom of “a stitch in time saves nine”. We just watch infrastructure handed down to us through the blood and toil of our fore fathers and those added on to by ourselves decay and decay.

This attitude has had devastating economic and social consequences of unachieved development aspirations and expectations for all of us especially the younger and future generation.

dirty gutter

WIRNEWS considers its prerogative to ask “who is responsible” for the neglect, for the rehabilitation; for the repairs; to do what needs to be done and to bring to our attention those responsible.

WIRNEWS is of the view that lack of strong maintenance culture in Ghana is because of lack of ethics of maintenance effectiveness and lack of commitment on the part of leadership in all spheres of the society as well as failure to provide clear policies and financial resources to effect regular maintenance. Having said this, we do not rule out the fact that all of us lack commitment to the ethics of maintenance. Many are those who fail to paint the discoloured and dirty walls of their houses, with the reason being that, it is a government bungalow and so see no need to maintain it. They see it as the government’s responsibility. Culture is the key that influences behaviour of getting things done the right way and on time without which society would be hindered in the attainment of its social and economic developmental agenda.


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